Friday, 17 August 2012

Upcoming Mini Olympics - Training Photos

Have you been training for the Mini Olympics??

We have!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Port Kindy Olympics

Kia Ora koutou!

What a great couple of weeks we have had! In preparation for the 'West Harbour Junior Olympics' the children are getting involved in lots of physical activity outside. We have had egg and spoon races, horse races and much more! All the children have been enjoying getting into the spirit of the games, and even won some gold medals!

Sack Racing!


We have been doing lots of baking with the children, and are continuing to make healthy foods that are quick and easy to pop into lunch boxes! We have seen some fantastic lunches coming with the children - here are a few examples!

                         Lets try to reduce, reuse and recycle!

The children made some yummy vegetable soup with the children - what a treat this was! The children loved being part of the process - grating, chopping, peeling! Most of all they loved eating it! It was all gone before the teachers could have some!

We are planning on making a recipe book of all the recipes we have made with the children - we would love for you to share any healthy, quick and easy lunch box ideas!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

We're Back Online!!!

Kia Ora whaanau!

Term 3 has begun and we are working towards a 'Gold - Paa-Harakeke' Healthy Heart Award! This involves working with the children and encouraging healthy choices and foods. The children have been busy making lots of different healthy lunchbox foods, and this week have made Fruit Kebabs, Popcorn and Pinwheel Wraps. They have really enjoyed both making and eating these foods!! Let us know if you have any ideas or recipes for healthy and easy lunchbox snacks, we always value family contribution.

We have been sewing new beanbags this week with the children and are really looking forward to playing with them. Beanbags are a great way of encouraging physical movement and promote both spatial and body awareness. Most of all they are FUN!!

The new garden is beautiful and the children have enjoyed getting in and getting their hands dirty. Lots of seeds and seedlings have been planted and we are exploring different things you can plant in - check out the table next to the computer - we have seeds planted in different containers! The garden will promote lots of thinking about sustainability, recycling and reusing everyday things from around the Kindergarten.

With the London Olympics coming up we are getting out and doing lots of physical activity outside and are planning an 'Olypmics Day' - watch this space!

 Enjoy checking out the photos from this term so far!
 Julie, Sapph, Vicki and Rachel.

The beautiful new garden!

Planting the first seeds - Radishes!

Transplanting plants from around the Kindergarten.

The teachers healthy morning tea - we are working on this too!!

Making Fruit Kebabs with Sapp - the children loved them and so simple to make!

Yummy Popcorn - and healthy too!!
Making Pinwheel Wraps!
Spreading the cream cheese for the Pinwheel Wraps
Filling bean bags!

Working together to fill the bean bags.

Our reused/recycled products - seed raising!