Friday, 23 September 2011

What Can We Plant Into?

Together with the children, we thought about the types of things we could plant into. We cut things out of magazines and brainstormed ideas for our portable garden!

The call then went out to our whaanau for creative containers for our garden and WOW what a great response we have. Here are some of the things that our families brought to plant in!

One of the grandmother's brought this already made for us!

Next step:
Planting into those awesome containers!

The PORTable Garden Project

We have entered in the Tui School Garden Challenge by Tui and Mitre 10 Mega!

We are currently in a temporary kindergarten building as we are lucky enough to have a new building being built to replace our old one!

We decided to make a portable garden with the children because we will not be here long!

We can take our portable garden with us.

We use sustainable practises in our garden.

We utilise our guinea pigs ‘output’ and our worm farm ‘juice’ as well, we in turn will be sharing our produce with them.

We will be watering with watering cans and will mulch where possible.

Watch this space for our progression of our portable garden!

Friday, 2 September 2011

New Kindergarten we come!

 Wow! The whole kindergarten building was demolished by one digger on July 7th 2011.
 We all went to watch with our hard hats on! It was loud!
 Now it is nearly all gone!
 We've had a lot of demolition play since the big event!
 Here we are with the roof on!
There will be a lot of windows. It is not two storied but is high at the front to catch the sun!
We are expecting to be into our new building around mid December.

Monday, 30 May 2011

We have travelled the solar system

As we explore planets and the universe around us, aliens visited

We also travelled the solar system on our flying saucers.

Off to Pluto we flew. It took us a real long time to get there because we know that Pluto is the furthest planet away from the Sun.

Then off we flew to Jupiter where we explored the hot planet and all the volcanoes.

WWWWW next it was to Jupiter’s neighbor Saturn.

What great fun we had but we started to miss our Mum’s and Dad’s so home to Earth we flew.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Afternoon at the Rugby Field

We had some great fun last week visiting the rugby field! We had rugby matches and relay races. Then we got to visit the playground!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Photo Gallery-Term One

Making 'Stone Soup'!
                                  A volcanic eruption in the sandpit.
                                     Best mates having fun on the swing!
'Filling' up the bikes.
Playing music with te rakau/sticks.

Playing in the pink goo is fun, fun, fun!

We purchased some cool new 'buildings of the world' blocks this term with the money raised from the chalk toy catalogues we fundraised from at the end of last year! They are a great addition to our block area-thanks everyone for your support- you make our kindy great! 

We look forward to another great term!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

We're Back for another Great Year!!

It's great to see all the tamariki and their families back for a great start to the new year! The children are enjoying spending time with their friends and exploring new things!

We have another great term planned! We will be learning about more life cycles (to continue on from last term with the tadpoles and snails). We have a caterpillar at Kindy who will continue through his lifecycle into a Monarch Butterfly and we have also got a hen and chicks to watch grow!!

Our stuffed possum, Mr. Munchies is also off for a holiday! He is joining the children at Koputaroa School in Horowhenua in the North Island! He will be doing some adventurous things and it will be recorded on their school blog! Address will be posted soon! Keep an eye out!

Our Kindergarten rebuild is well underway now with our temporary premises to be announced soon! This term will bring in the demolition of our old Kindergarten building... but lots of excitement for the new one!

Keep watching our site for photos and stories from this new and exciting term!!

Christmas at Kindy!

 Santa gets into his bag of goodies!

 Our grand entrance!
Rudolf left his mark!

 We all had a great time coming together!