Monday, 8 November 2010

October Snippets of our tamariki projects

October 2010.

A wee few snippets of projects our amazing tamariki have undertaken over the last few weeks

The children designed and created ‘Sarah the scarecrow’ out of recycled


We hope she will scare away the cheeky seagulls so they won’t eat our bean tee pee

we have planted.

Look at the watering can the children designed, created

using amazing co-operative discussions, problem solving and

use of technology.

Now we can water the beans. 

Port Otago Trip

We went to visit Port Otago just down the road. We have lots of Mums, Dads and Grandparents who work at the Port so it was great to go and see what they do!

All the adults needed to wear a bright vest to help keep us safe from the many dangers at the Port.

We saw the boats that carry the containers full of different things, trucks and trains which distribute the containers around and the straddles which move all the containers around. All of the vehicles are very big and the driver sits up very high!

We went inside the building where all the Port operations are controlled.

See how big the tyres are on this vehicle!!!

We got to have a turn to sit in the big red vehicle! It was a long way up!

Thank you to Harlan and Jensen’s Dad for organising such a cool trip.