Thursday, 19 August 2010

Firetruck Visit

Hannah and Josie’s dad, Ant, came to visit us in his firetruck from the Central Dunedin Fire Station! We all sat down on the mat and listened to him talk about fire safety. Ant talked to us about where he goes to work and what he does there, including eating and sleeping. But, all the gets interrupted if the fire alarm goes off! Ant also showed us some matches and a lighter and asked what we should do if these things are found. The children decided it was a good idea to give these things to an adult! Ka pai! We also talked about what we should do in case of a fire at our house. If the fire alarm goes off, we yell “FIRE!” and then we GET OUT AND STAY OUT! (and wait by the letterbox). Next, the fireman’s uniform. Of course it wouldn’t be as much fun unless one of our teachers dressed up. The children talked me through what I needed to put on to keep me safe from fighting a fire, my boots, pants, jacket, gloves, and hat. The children also got to take turns going out to the firetruck and learning about all the different parts, and even got to sit inside!! After all the wonderful learning, the children finally got a turn spraying the water from the fire hose! They got to feel how heavy it was and turn the nozzle to make the different pressures of water change. What an awesome learning experience to see what one of our community members does!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

We're Back!!

Kia ora everyone and welcome back to the Kindy blog! This term Julie, Sapph, and Amy are going to try their best to blog and allow family and friends to keep up with the children's learning!

We have had an exciting start to the term already. This term has sparked an interest in the community and the jobs and hobbies of people in the area. We have had visits from Ant (Hannah and Josie's dad) and his firetruck to learn about fire safety, Joan the dental therapist, and Captain Cornflakes from the local kid's radio station. Trips to the local garage and supermarket, a visit from a hairdresser, and lots more are planned!

Our biggest news is that we are getting a brand new Kindergarten soon!! This is currently in the pre-planning stages with the Dunedin Kindergarten Association, but our present building will be getting bulldozed and a brand new one will take it's place. We'll need everyone's help in fundraising this year and we will keep everyone updated as we find out more information!

Keep watching this page for updates in the children's learning journeys!!