Thursday, 26 August 2010

Revisiting Firetruck Making

Dramatic play unfolded over the days after the children had made the fire truck.

We set the truck up outside and the children as a group took control of the equipment that was needed on the truck to fight all the fires.

Ladders, hoses, fire fighter helmets and coats were added to the growing pile.

Problem: How to fit everything into the truck as well as all the fire fighter (as there was many).

Jordan had an idea, “Lets get a trailer”

A climbing box was added to the back of the truck.

Hemi added a steering wheel for driving which sparked Finn to add two rocks in front of the wheel for “The brakes”

Tyla added a small box behind these for the seats.

Make it.

Then more boxes arrived and as we had planned from the day before discussions the children set to work on the rescue helicopter.

And WOW what great team work as the children discussed and negotiated how they would. Jordan who had been one of the leading ideas persons the day before when they had discussed making a helicopter ran off and had a look at the posters that we displayed on the walls.

He told us the colours we would need and how there needed to be propellers on the top and a tail at the end.

Over the remainder of the day the children engaged in large group dramatic role plays using the box and the fire engine.

They did revisit a number of times over the next day but once the initial making had been completed the interest was not the same.

Learning occurring.

The children had the opportunity to build on the plans they had discussed and use visual prompts such as the posters to help to extend their thinking on how they would achieve their plans.

They used lots of negotiations and language and listened to each other.

Peer tutoring was very evident as they discussed and worked together with some of the older children taking on leadership roles.

This was a large project with lots of interest from many children with provided opportunities for children to develop the ability to work as a team and alongside others on a joint interest.


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Andrew the Builder - Ella's Dad Helps Us Out

Andrew came to fix our trusty little kindy boat that needed holes repaired.
Power tools, hammers, and saws in hand he set to work with many very willing helpers and his special wee apprentice Ella.

Step 1. Take off the damaged panels, front and back of the boat. Claw of the hammer under the wood and carefully pull up.

Step 2. Place the new panels on the frame. Oops! They don’t quite fit. Now for the exciting part. Andrew gets out the power tools and safety ear muffs. (They were a great hit) Now Andrew sands and cuts the panels. We all had to stand back a bit to keep ourselves safe. WOW it was noisy.

Steps 3. Drilling and screwing in the nails and screws. Everyone got a turn to do this. Lots of turning, screwing and hammering and everyone got a turn with the ear muffs.

The children watched very carefully as Andrew repaired our boat. The carpentary table was moved over to where we were working and lots of hammering and trying out the things Andrew showed the children.

Thank you for coming to Kindy Andrew the children really enjoyed watching and working with you and being involved in purposeful tool work.

Our carpentry table has been very popular since and we had to add ear muffs and safety glasses to our tool list when we purchased new equipment.

Joan the Dental Therapist Visits!

Joan our local dental therapist came to visit us at Kindy. Joan showed us her uniform, her coat with her badge, rubber gloves to protect her hands, her face mask, and her safety glasses. She read us a story about clean teeth and showed us how to brush our teeth, how much toothpaste to use and how to move our tooth brushes to keep our teeth clean. Joan also told us that Mums and Dads should help brush our teeth until we are about 9 years old. That's so the toothbrush reaches all the corners of our mouth. Joan brought along "Tigger" who opened his mouth wide to show us all his lovely clean teeth. Joan got out her special little mirror that she uses to look in all the children who visit her teeth. Then we all got a turn to look at Tigger’s teeth with the little mirror.

Thank you for your visit Joan. It was so good for the children to meet you and get to know you in a familiar setting. When they come for a visit to your clinic they will know what to expect.

Making a Firetruck

Fire trucks were definitely the area of interest for a few weeks. We had songs, books, and dramatic play with fire trucks and fire safety. Julie and the children even thought it would be a great idea to build their very own fire truck!

With a plan in mind the children set to work on making the fire truck.
Great co-operation, a shared project was underway.
SOOOO much energy and enthusiasm the truck so took shape.
Painting and climbing, red and more red paint.

111 was rang there is a fire at Morgan’s house, Reagan is trapped and the ambulance is also called.
Sirens blazing, hoses at the ready and fire fighters on the way.
Oh my goodness the roof is on fire; Julie gets Reagan out of the building and ambulance person Nic comes to save the day.
What great drama with wonderful co-operation.
The children worked together adding more drama to their role playing as it evolved.